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David Jackson
"I lost 15kgs and ran my first marathon under Duncan's supervision, training and encouragement. I had to put in a lot of hard work but it was not the painful chore that I feared it might be. As Duncan explained to me at the start, "getting fit" is about letting go of your bad habits and picking up some good habits in the form of consistent training and sensible eating. The key to it, and this is where Duncan excels, is that he focuses on making his training sessions challenging but enjoyable. His rationale is that if exercise is not fun then people are less likely to be consistent with their training and won't turn it into a habit. Duncan listened to me, helped me select and reappraise my goals and crafted a realistic training programme for me to achieve them. Duncan does not have the army drill-instructor approach that you find in some gyms these days. Rather, he listens to his clients and understands the demands that normal everyday working and family life places on normal everyday people like me. His FuzeBox classes are a great way to get fit in a relaxed, friendly environment alongside "real people", not posers or gym-junkies. Further, his personal training sessions and programmes are challenging, full of variety, and most importantly fun. Enjoy."
Jennifer Black
"18 months ago, if anyone had told to me I was going to don some boxing gloves and embark on a new path of physical training, called FuzeBoxing I would have looked at them sideways ----boxing to me meant Mohammed Ali!!!

I had been training with Duncan for about three years, and loving it, when he encouraged me to give his FuzeBox Classes a go--- he promised me a complete workout and lots of fun. At this stage I considered myself fairly fit. Thanks to Duncan over those three years I had been able to complete four cycling events ranging from 60ks to 110ks.

I quickly realized with more of Duncan’s encouragement I could push my body to even further than I had in a few years. Duncan is an expert in treating his clients as individuals, bringing the best out in them and instilling confidence.

We begin each FuzeBox class with Duncan easing us into the session with a dynamic warm up, we watch and imitate Duncan, from ladder work, to lunges, to star jumps and knee rolls. Engaging muscles and raising body temperatures in preparation for the Fuze circuit. Next we pair off one partner with the boxing gloves and the other with the focus mitts. Let the fun begin----Duncan fires sequences starting out with simplicity and growing in complexity, time and endurance both the body and the mind, find this challenging. Swapping gloves for focus mitts is a big part of fuzeboxing and all the while Duncan ensures that the vibe in the class is supportive, fun and light hearted.

By now we’ve all got a little of the sweat fest happening! As well as pushing punches, throwing jabs, cross punches, body shots, upper cuts, all the time Duncan, calling out instructions "left, right, left,--duck.... Left, right, left,--duck..."

Duncan then calls for us to grab some water. We hit the floor again this time for the finale, side bridges, crunches, planks, usually choosing a comic character within the group to count us up and down the last of these tortuous exercises, we all preserve, to the end is near. Duncan had kept his promise to me--- a total workout and a whole heap of fun."