About Us

At Balanced, we are all about you! Our goal is simple - we want to make a positive change to your life at a price you can afford!

Our culture at Balanced promotes a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome. No need to wear the latest fashion gear, we are just real people getting on with the job of improving health and wellness.

Whatever your fitness goals, you are welcome at Balanced; we are here to support you to get in the best shape of your life! We’ll show you how easy it is to reach your goals, whether you need to work on weight issues, improve your fitness and function, or to optimise your sporting performance. Everyone who works out with us at Balanced has a programme designed to your individual requirements and led by our expert training team.

The Balanced approach is ideal if you are recovering from injury. Our training team is experienced in functional movement assessment and here to guide you through your rehab journey.

Duncan Trevella - Director

Duncan is a Christchurch lad who has been involved in the fitness industry since 1997. He has worked as a trainer and rehabilitation professional in fitness facilities and sports medicine clinics internationally. He is currently the strength and conditioning coach for the Christchurch Football Club.

Duncan’s expertise has assisted people to improve their performance in a variety of sporting activities, from golf to snowboarding. His attention to detail, understanding of the demands on the human body and his commitment to continuous learning has made him a leader in his field.

Duncan loves his rugby, but also loves to get out on the bike as his schedule allows. He is Dad to a young family, so understands the importance of balance and family time to support a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Duncan

TXT: 022 077 4115